Thomas Bach will conduct G20 for more peaceful world through Olympism

Finally "Bach Symphony Orchestra" will appear in Japan. Thomas Bach , IOC President, has willingly attend at the G20 to be held on 28th and 29th June, 2019. Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee has been worrying about the possibility for his no show at the countdown event to be held on 24th of July. 2019, just one year before the opening of Tokyo Olympic Games. However the participation of IOC President for G20 shall lose no time to settle down. I have been thinking that he surely believe Olympism and he might devote himself to construct more peaceful world through sport. I came to get the confidence on my thought above mentioned when I heard of his intention to participation into G20.

He must be sure that sport is not only for sport itself but also for the world. He wishes to change the world through sport.

Birth of Presidency of Bach was on the occasion of the 125th IOC session at Buenos Aires on September 2019 when Tokyo was selected as the host city for 32nd Olympic Games 2020. These two important decisions were much related each other on the basis of Olympism. Olympic symbol, five rings, symbolized the union of five continents as a peaceful world. Each continent makes each continental sport confederation assembling national Olympic committees in its region. The prime principle of sport politics is to balance five rings. For the realization of Bach’s presidency, Tokyo must be elected for 2020 Olympics Games. Because the other rival cities, Madrid and Istanbul, are belonging to the Europe Continent. If Tokyo was not elected as a host city for 2020, Bach’s presidency shall not be ideal. Because he is belonging to the Europe continent.

Thomas Bach

President Bach announced the realization of Agenda 2020, innovational propaganda, as a new IOC President. 2020 indicates 20+20=40 items to renovate the Olympic Games and Olympic Movement. I think that Agenda 2020 intimates its realization by Tokyo 2020. Both 2020 most be much closed.

On the occasion of Olympic Congress at Bade Baden 1981, Thomas Bach made an impressive speech on behalf of Olympians and show how important Olympic athletes are for the more peaceful world through sport. I am sure that Bach’s purport for the success on the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 is much severe than we imagined. It must be more successful than the unified Korean Olympic delegation at Pyoung Cheng Olympic Winter Games. He also let the DPR Korea promise to participate in the Tokyo Olympics.

We should consider that the actions to be taken by Mr. President Bach must be movement of “utilization of politics by sport”.

As he was elected as the IOC President with majority, someone asked him for dictatorship, but he answered the question; “ I am just a conductor for the Olympic Orchestra.”

I hope he will conduct the representatives from politics to attend G20 to produce the Symphony of Olympism well. His intention to succeed the Tokyo Olympics is beyond imagination of success by Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

Dated June 24, 2019
Ryoichi Kasuga
Sport Philosopher
Consultant, Genki na Atelier